Fix Loud Fan Win10 Dell Notebook

My Dell notebook was making very loud fan noises as soon as it was connected to the dock. I already suspected the windows powerplan ...

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PowerShell access private fields and properties

Using the poke module it is possible to access private and internal fields of objects you would otherwise not be able to.Example# peek at a Job instance using pipeline syntax$job = st...

In Development, PowerShell, Aug 19, 2016

Get password from Securestring

Getting the password from a secure string is not always easy. If you have a PSCredential object however it is most of the times as simple as: $credential = Get-Credential $insecur...

In PowerShell, Security, Aug 15, 2016

XLSX (Excel Api)

LINK: Project Site: Showcase:

In Development, Aug 15, 2016

Install From Media Dump

Install from media is created using: C:\> ntdsutil - activate instance ntds - ifm - create sysvol Full C:\ifm - q - q - q C:\> exit Or more simply and compact: C:\> ntdsut...

In Administration, Aug 14, 2016

Policy Analyzer

Today I found a tool, that can be very useful, if you need to identify changes made to e. g. the "Default Domain Policy". Here is the Link: Policy Analyzer

In Administration, BPA, Documentation, Security, Jun 21, 2016

Clear all Eventlogs

wevtutil.exe enum-logs | Foreach-Object {wevtutil.execlear-log "$_"}

In Administration, PowerShell, Jun 14, 2016

ntds.dit Auditing

By searching for a way to remotely force an Windows Update check, I accidentally found this: DSInternals This looked very promising, so I checked out the linked blog and found th...

In PowerShell, Security, System recovery, Jun 10, 2016

Centralized Windows Event Log

Another feature many administrators don't know about, is the centralization of Windows Event Logs. This allows you as administrator to view all related Event Log information on y...

In Administration, Security, Jun 05, 2016 manual configuration Outlook 2016

Select Exchange or mail address and enter the following details: E-Mail Address: or (your mail address...

In Mailserver, May 22, 2016

Mobile Broadband Modem and PuTTY

Find the right com-Port. Go to control panel, telephone and modem, modems. Here you have your com-port. For the baud rate go to Settings and Modem after selecting the correct mode...

In Administration, Mobile Broadband, Apr 16, 2016

VisualStudio import Templates

Place the template project in "%UserProfile%\MyDocuments\Visual Studio %VERSION%\Templates\ProjectTemplates\" Place the template items in "%UserProfile%\MyDocuments\Visual Studio ...

In Development, Apr 10, 2016

PowerShell and SQL Server

To be able to use the "sqlps" PowerShell Module you first need to install it from here. SQLSysClrTypes.msi - CLR Types for SQL Server SharedManagementObjects.msi - Shared Man...

In Administration, Development, PowerShell, SQL, Apr 10, 2016

PowerShell send E-Mail

Without smtp Server Authentication (with static IP or internal Mail Server) Note: Most public mail servers only accept a message for there users and don't forward it to other serv...

In Mailserver, PowerShell, Mar 24, 2016

Status Monitoring

Here is a code sniped to monitor your servers. In the first example the result is simply written into a CSV-File, but in the second a e-mail is sent. Import-Csv -Path ".\IP-List.t...

In Mailserver, PowerShell, Security, Mar 24, 2016

VPN Connection and Device Authentication

Automatically establish a VPN connection if a specific application is launched. So your users cannot forget to launch it first and will not call you therefor ;-) Add-VpnConnectio...

In Administration, PowerShell, Security, VPN, Feb 25, 2016

SMB: Short file name creation should be disabled

If the Best Practive Analyzer is showing this error, you can disable the 8dot3 Names by running the following commandsInvoke-Command -ComputerName $ServerName -ScriptBlock { fsutil b...

In BPA, PowerShell, Feb 11, 2016

Srv.sys should be set to start on demand

If the Best Practice Analyzer is showing this error, you have to run the command: Invoke-Command -ComputerName $ServerName -ScriptBlock { cmd /C "sc config srv start=demand" Get-...

In BPA, PowerShell, Feb 11, 2016

Unsolicited Remote Assistance

Yes it is possible to make the Remote Assistance somewhat usable.Upside: - It's free - I recommend setting it up as a backup (If e.g. TeamViewer servers are down again).Downside: - UA...

In Administration, Jan 28, 2016

Documentation of a given infrastructure

Getting the same information from every pc especially in a very complex and grown environment can be a tedious work. So why don't just call a script to help out ;-) # Network Driv...

In Administration, Documentation, PowerShell, Jan 26, 2016

Apache2 optimizations

To gain a faster page loading, you can enable the client side caching. That means that the browser of the connecting clients is storing the contents of your page until it expires.Ther...

In Linux, Security, Webserver, Dec 22, 2015


By default WordPress has a few external dependencies. For security reasons it's a good idea to prevent external dependencies or completely remove them when possible. Also this prevent...

In General, Security, WordPress, Dec 21, 2015

Disable Zone Transfer BIND9

If you use webmin go to "Zone Defaults" and enter "none" into the "Allow transfers from..." text box. If you don't use webmin go to the file "/etc/bind/named.conf.options" and en...

In DNS, Linux, Dec 21, 2015

Presentation about Hacking [German]

Presentation Hacking Handout Presentation Hacking PowerPoint

In Presentation, Nov 29, 2015

Enable Strict Replication Consistency

If your Domain had existed pre Windows 2003 you have to run the following command:Open Nodepad and add the text (NO WHITE-SPACES AT THE END):dn: CN=94fdebc6-8eeb-4640-80de-ec52b9ca17f...

In General, Nov 14, 2015